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Why is the Rewards program changing? 

We’re eliminating our existing points program because we heard from you, our guests that you need more ease in your life. We all want simple after the the past two years!  The new program won’t require you to keep track of points over time but rather take instant advantage of any special offers and discounts. It also allows us to share some lagniappe from time to time with our favorite people – YOU!  (Lagniappe is a Creole word that means “a little something extra.”)

What is the new Rewards program? 

As a member of the new Ruby Rewards program, we will send you periodic email communications & special offers, but you will no longer need to earn points to take advantage of them. 


When will I stop earning Rewards points? 

You’ll continue to earn points through Friday, October 15th. After that date, your existing points will remain available for redemption, but you will no longer be accumulating them. 


What is the last day that I can redeem my Rewards points? 

The last day you can redeem your Rewards points is Friday, December 31, 2021. After that date, all unused points will expire and will no longer appear in your account. 


How can I find out how many points I have? 

When you joined the Ruby Rewards program, you received a Welcome email that included a link to your online account. Simply click that link to view your points. If you no longer have your Welcome email, you can visit or you can reach out to us at and we’ll resend you the link to look up your remaining points. 


How many points do I need to have, in order to redeem them? 

If you have 100 points or more, you may redeem them for a $10 discount with every 100 points. Points are non-transferrable. 


Can I have an extension on the deadline to use my points?  

Our Rewards program will be turned off on Friday, December 31, 2021, so we can’t provide an extension. 


Can I use my points to purchase merchandise, such as T-shirts? 

Yes, you may redeem points towards any merchandise purchased in-store. They are not redeemable towards online purchases. 


Do my unused points have any cash value? 

No, your points do not carry any cash value and therefore cannot be redeemed for cash. 


Can I use my points to purchase a gift card? 

No. For legal reasons, you cannot redeem points towards gift card purchases. 


Will I automatically receive emails about the new Ruby Rewards program?  

Yes. If you receive our emails you're already a member and will continue to receive messages from us periodically. 


How do I opt-out of Ruby Rewards emails? 

All of our emails offer a link to opt-out of future emails from us. But just remember that if you opt-out, you’ll no longer receive any emails from us and you’ll miss out on hearing about the exciting special offers only membership provides



Updated October 2021